A lot of aircraft maintenance happens outside the U.S. Should we care? And other links

Happy Tuesday, everyone. These are the stories I have enjoyed recently. 

U.S. airlines send out most of their heavy maintenance to third-party vendors in places like El Salvador and China. Should we be concerned? Vanity Fair says yes.  [I'm not sure.]

Do you want to sit on an airplane for 19 hours? More airlines will launch longer flights in the next few years. Why? Financial Times has the answer. 

American's CFO says his airline has too much cash. What will it do with all that money? Dallas Morning News. 

American Airlines exec: "We’re very bullish on future scheduled service with Cuba." Miami Herald.

Conde Nast Traveler asked Richard Branson his thoughts on Cuba. He was not optimistic tourism will flourish there in the near term

Uber and Lyft are great for travelers. But what about airports? Burbank Bob Hope Airport is making less money from its parking lots since ride-sharing become popular. Los Angeles Times. 

Will U.S. budget airlines ever be as popular as EasyJet and Ryannair are in Europe? I tried to answer this question for Conde Nast Traveler. 

Air Serbia will make a triumphant return to New York next year after 24 years away. Reuters.

Etihad Airways has nannies. What are their jobs like? Yahoo Travel found out.