An American Express Centurion Lounge is coming to LAX, airport newsletter says

 Presumably an American Express Centurion lounge is coming to LAX. Photo: Centurion Lounge/Miami International Airport. 

Presumably an American Express Centurion lounge is coming to LAX. Photo: Centurion Lounge/Miami International Airport. 

American Express will build a Centurion Lounge for premium customers at Los Angeles International Airport, according to an airport newsletter.

You probably do not care if you do not carry a high-end American Express card. But if you do, this is noteworthy. Several years ago, American Express had agreements that allowed customers with some credit cards to access many airport lounges for free. But while Delta is still a partner, most U.S. carriers no longer permit Amex cardholders to enter.

In response, American Express is now building its own lounges, which can be used by Centurion members and Platinum card holders. You'll find them in Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, New York LaGuardia, Seattle and Las Vegas, with Houston Intercontinental coming soon. I have never been inside, but by most accounts, they're more luxurious and have better food than the average United, American or Delta lounge. 

American Express now will build one at Los Angeles International Airport, between Terminals 6 and 7, the airport newsletter says, though Amex did not confirm the news. If true, this would make the lounge accessible to passengers flying United, Delta, American and Alaska. Soon, after a construction project finishes, passengers in the Tom Bradley International Terminal will also be able to each the lounge.

If you also read Gary Leff's excellent View From The Wing blog, you may be confused. One of his readers noticed a Centurion advertisement at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal and Gary theorized that meant a Centurion Lounge would be coming soon to LAX. However, an American Express representative also declined to confirm his hunch. 

Below, is the relevant text from LAX's October "Terminal Operations Center." As you can see, the airport says the Centurion lounge advertising is a precursor to a new LAX facility. 

I contaxted an American Express spokeswoman who also declined to confirm the project. She told me the company was having "ongoing conversations with LAX." She promised to contact me when she learned more. 

UPDATE: After posting this story I received this email from Amex.

"I can’t speak to the airport’s employee newsletter, but I can tell you that LAX is an important and much frequented airport for our Card Members, and we are actively exploring ways to bring The Centurion Lounge to Los Angeles. At this stage in the process, we’re still in discussions with the airport about finding the right space and location for a lounge that will fit our Card Members’ needs."

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