Have you noticed more cashews in your American Airlines nut mix?

 American Airlines has temporarily upped its first class cashew ratio. Photo:  Chris Hoare /Flickr (Creative Commons)

American Airlines has temporarily upped its first class cashew ratio. Photo: Chris Hoare/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Do you often fly in American Airlines first class? Have you noticed the composition of the airline's nut mix has changed recently?

You have not been hallucinating. In a newsletter to employees this week, Hector Adler, vice president for flight service, said the airline had altered its nut composition in response to fluctuations in the global nut market. [I'm not making this up.]

"Our passengers are very astute," Adler said. "It’s true that there have been more cashews in the mix. Nuts are a commodity and are subject to forces of supply and demand, and earlier this year almond prices were on the rise, resulting in a larger percentage of cashews in the ramekins." 

But you should not get too comfortable with the new mix.

"The market has now shifted and we will be able to serve a new blend with more almonds and pecans, and fewer cashews, starting early next year," Adler said. 

In other news, American told employees it may eventually move to a cashless cabin on its regional jets. Almost all airlines only take credit cards now, but American Eagle flights still take cash. I recently flew American Eagle for the first time in years, and I was shocked when the flight attendant would not take my credit card. 

"Adding cashless cabin to our regional partners is something we’ll take a closer look at in 2016," Kenji Hashimoto, senior vice president for regional carriers, told employees. "In the past, the costs were seen as prohibitive."

Previously, American may been OK with different policies for American Eagle, but increasingly larger airlines want travelers to have a similar travel experience whether they fly on small jets or or big ones. 

"We’re doing and investing more to make the transition from regional to mainline flights more seamless for customers," Hashimoto said.