How designers turned Hawaiian Airlines seats into clothing

 This material used to be Hawaiian Airlines seats. Photo: Hawaiian Airlines. 

This material used to be Hawaiian Airlines seats. Photo: Hawaiian Airlines. 

Do you recognize this fabric?

If you fly Hawaiian Airlines, it might look familiar. Hawaii recently removed the seats on its Boeing 717s, which fly within Hawaii, to add new slimmer seats. But instead of getting rid of all of them, Hawaiian wanted to have some fun. The airline approached a local community college known for its fashion technology program. 

"I got a call from Hawaiian Airlines asking if we had any students or alumni that could do an upcycle challenge, and I thought, with what? They explained that student designers would be given first and coach class seat covers to create wearable clothing,” Joy Nagaue, professor of the Fashion Technology Program at Honolulu Community College, said in a release. “I accepted - our students can do anything! I’m overjoyed they’ve been given this great opportunity.”

According to Hawaiian, seven designers created "wearable fashion" and accessories from 19 first class and 23 coach seats and headrests.

The designs will be on display Nov. 20-22 at Honolulu Fashion Week. 

"I describe my design style as historical vintage chic," participant Randy Orobello said in the release. "My pieces are modern, wearable and have structure. For this project I have constructed a corset mixing both the first and the coach class seat material."

What do you think of this idea?

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