How KLM prepares to take delivery of a Boeing 787 ... and other recent links

Happy Monday, everyone. Here are some of the stories I enjoyed reading over the weekend. 

Before KLM accepts a new Boeing 787 for delivery, pilots take the plane on a three to four hour test flight. "This allows all backup, emergency and alarm systems to be tested," KLM says in a blog post detailing the factory pickup process. 

U.S. airline complaints are up. Fortune. 

Airline Wi-FI should soon be "somewhat less awful." Bloomberg. 

More Internet news, this one by me for Conde Nast Traveler. "The U.S. Airlines With the Best Wi-Fi."

Two people were detained Sunday from an American Airlines Boston-Washington Reagan flight because of "crew concerns." Boston Globe. 

Is airport security a real response to threats or "essentially a performance to reassure passengers?" The Economist. 

How busy will LAX be over Thanksgiving? Los Angeles Times. 

Japan's ANA is considering buying stakes in other Asian airlines, including Vietnam Airlines. Wall Street Journal.