Video: ABC News Reports on Singapore Airlines food

I'm on my way to Gogo's media day in Chicago, so I thought you might enjoy an ABC News report detailing how Singapore Airlines prepares its onboard meals. 

If this sounds familiar, it is because Singapore's indefatigable U.S. PR Chief, James Boyd, is always coaxing journalists to report on the airline's in-flight experience. I am not sure how much better Singapore's food is than say, ANA's, but Singapore is winning when it comes to coverage. [Even I succumbed, reporting last year from Singapore's L.A. flight kitchen.]

As for Gogo's media day, which is Thursday, I promise to be skeptical. Executives often do a lot of cheerleading at these things (some journalists do, too), but I'll do my best to get the real scoop on Gogo's operations. I'll be covering the event for Aviation Week, though, so I may not write about it here. 

Is there anything you want to know about Gogo?