Virginia the Wolf? Frontier names its next four aircraft

Soon, Frontier Airlines will take delivery of its first four Airbus A321 aircraft. The bad news is that they will be packed with 230 seats, or 40 more than JetBlue puts on its A321s, which also have an all-coach configuration.  The good news is that the aircraft will have nice names.

Below you can see the names Frontier has chosen for the four aircraft. I'm sure Virginia The Wolf is an obvious homage to the writer. But what about the others? How did they get their names? Any ideas?

The first A321 will be introduced in November. By mid-December, A321s will fly exclusively to Orlando - twice per day from Denver and Cleveland, once from Detroit and three times from Philadelphia.

Frontier chose Orlando for two reasons. One, during the winter, Americans love Florida. And two, Frontier has crew bases in Orlando, so it will be easy to staff the aircraft.

Frontier now only flies the A319 and A320 but it has 19 of the larger A321s on order. 

Have you flown Frontier recently? How was the experience?