Team won third place in the LAX Plane Pull!

How hard is it for 20 people to pull a Boeing 737 across an airport ramp?

Surprisingly, not as hard as you might think. I learned this over the weekend when entered a team in the first annual LAX Plane Pull, charity fundraiser benefiting Fantasy Flight, a December event that takes kids to a fake version of the North Pole.

On Saturday, our team of 20 had to pull a Boeing 737-700 using a rope. We had to move it 12 feet. At first, I was worried we weren't strong enough. But we did OK. As you can see below, we reached 12 feet in 9.73 seconds in our first attempt and 7.23 seconds in our second. We placed third of 10 teams. I was pleased. 

I met a few readers of this blog at the plane pull, and that was a lot of fun. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot.

The Plane Pull took place outside United's hangar on the western edge of LAX, which is why you see that Boeing 787 sitting in the photo below. 

Here are some photos.