Some airline and airport stories I have been following

Hello everyone, and happy Monday. Here are some stories I have enjoyed in the past few days. 

Air Canada's first female pilot - she started on April 10, 1978 - retired earlier this year, the Financial Post reports. Here's how she was described back then. “Judy Cameron (nee Evans), age 24, height 5 feet 7 inches, hair honey-coloured and flowing almost to her waist…looks like a female version of the All American Boy." 

Burbank Bob Hope Airport - a quaint historic airport - is close to approving a new terminal. Los Angeles Times.

As long as Brett Hart serves as acting CEO of United Airlines, replacing Oscar Munoz, who is on medical leave, he'll earn an extra $100,000 per month. Not a bad raise, considering in his last job, as the airline's top lawyer, he was making $500,000 per year. Wall Street Journal. 

For decades, United Airlines flew to New York JFK. But not anymore. The airline quietly packed up late Saturday. It will no longer fly to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Those flights have moved to Newark. The Street. 

What are the world's safest airlines? Business Insider. 

Airlines are taking cyber security more seriously. Reuters. 

Blogger Gary Leff says American may fly from Dallas to Abu Dhabi. For now, though, it's just a rumor. 

Will British Airways take over Finnair? Skift.