Some airline stories I have enjoyed recently

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Here are some airline stories I have enjoyed recently. 

How did in-flight safety video become a gimmick? Mashable. 

The U.S Department of Justice is concerned that blocking Emirates, Etihad and Qatar from adding more U.S. flights would result in higher airfares, Reuters reports. 

On Friday, American will move to a single reservations system, which means US Airways will effectively disappear. "We have really tested the heck out of everything,” American chief information officer Maya Leibman told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 

The South China Morning Post is a reputable newspaper, but this is one weird (and almost certainly misleading) headline. "United Airlines flight bound for Hong Kong ‘short of fuel’ and makes emergency U-turn back to San Francisco." [Chicago ABC's affiliate also wrote a similar stories, but with slightly more context.]

Why do travelers hate Frontier and Spirit? They're so cheap! Associated Press. 

Commercial airliners are at risk near Syria, according to The Telegraph. 

United Airlines loves the Boeing 787 in San Francisco. But why? Ted Reed explains in The Street.

Alaska Airlines is debuting a new type of overhead bin. And they're huge. AirlineReporter.

The pictures looked worse than it was. "Singapore Airlines jet 'faceplants' as landing gear retracts," CNN reports. 

And finally, here's a good Tweet of the day.