Video: A Qantas 767 flies to an 'airplane graveyard' in California

What happens to an aircraft when it can fly no more?

As many of you know, airlines generally send planes to one of a handful of airplane 'graveyards.' They're usually in the desert, in places like Goodyear, Arizona and Victorville, California.

Sometimes, the stay is only temporary. Maybe the aircraft will be sold to another operator. Or perhaps business is slow, and an airline is only parking the plane for short time, waiting for demand to improve. But much of the time, it's permanent. The aircraft sit for years, as the owners slowly sell off pieces. Many planes in the graveyards could never fly again. They're not airworthy. 

These graveyards make good stories. So good, in fact, the the "60 Minutes" program in Australia chronicled one retirement flight of a Qantas Boeing 767, from Sydney to Victorville, California. Last month, Qantas retired its final Boeing 767. 

If you like planes and have a spare 15 minutes, you should watch the story. 

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