13 United flight attendants were fired. Read their Osha complaint here.

On Wednesday, 13 former United Airlines flight attendants asked Osha to return them to their jobs after they were fired for refusing to work a flight due to security concerns. 

 Photo:  Katz, Marshall & Banks LLP

Photo: Katz, Marshall & Banks LLP

I covered that story here, as did just about every major national media outlet. It was good stuff. The flight attendants were canned after refusing an order from management to fly a 747 from San Francisco to Hong Kong. They said there were concerned about a message written on an oil slick on the aircraft's tail cone. The message said, "Bye Bye" and included a couple of ominously drawn faces. 

Most of us yesterday were working off a press release from the law firm representing the flight attendants and not the actual complaint. But the firm has posted the complaint, and I figured some of you might be interested in reading it. At 26 pages, it is remarkably thorough. It gives you a good idea of what flight attendants go through before every departure. 

One interesting tidbit. The airline essentially lied to passengers about what was happening. Perhaps United thought informing passengers about a possible security concern was not a good idea.