United rolls out two limited edition amenity kits for premium passengers

It has not been a great couple of weeks for United Airlines. It has had trouble delivering bags in Denver. It received bad press for firing 13 flight attendants who declined to fly on a 747, believing it might be unsafe. And it was named the worst major U.S. airline last year, operationally, by the Wall Street Journal. 

But fear not. Today, we have a fun United story. Well, a fun United story if you fly in first or business class and like cheap but amusing giveaways. 

United is once again giving away "limited edition" amenity kits for premium class passengers on long-haul trips. The kits have such goodies as eye shades, ear plus, lip balm and hand lotion. Sometime they even throw in a free pen. 

Usually, they come in a cloth bag. But for the next several months, they shall improve. 

Your blogger is going to Tokyo next week. Should United give these out on his flight, he will give his away to blog readers in some sort of contest. So please watch this space. 

There is, amazingly, a resale market for these kits, which United also gave out last year, with different cities listed on the boxes. One enterprising man is trying to sell his "LAX-Friendly" kit on Ebay for $10. 

City-themed kits not your style? United says in April it will roll out PGA Tour themed amenity kits. (That's professional golf, if you're wondering.) 

I definitely prefer these. How about those socks?