Is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner plagued by quality control issues?

Is there a quality control issue with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

The investigative team at Al Jazeera has been trying to find out. In a piece that will premiere on Wednesday, Sept 10, Al Jazeera says it will bring viewers behind the scenes at Boeing - and not necessarily in a good way. 

Here's the promo copy for the piece. 

"Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit and reporter Will Jordan investigate Boeing’s 787 “Dreamliner,” finding some workers with quality concerns, alleging drug use and fearing to fly the plane they build."

You can find a listing of when the program will air on Al Jazeera's website.

For what it's worth, I spend a lot of time talking to airline people for my job, and I don't hear much that the aircraft is a clunker. Yes, the 787 is less reliable than it should be, a fact Boeing officials admitted to the Wall Street Journal in June. But the people I speak with believe the aircraft is safe and a big step forward in terms of technology. That's not to say there aren't problems with Boeing -- Al Jazeera is a well respected journalistic outlet and I am sure its report will be accurate. I just don't want passengers to get too alarmed.