Guess what JetBlue expects to earn this year from selling "Even More Space" seats?

JetBlue's treasure Jim Leddy told the audience the number at today's Cowen & Co. Global Transportation & Aerospace/Defense Conference.

The answer? $190 million. Not bad considering the seat has only about four more inches of legroom than the traditional JetBlue seat. 

But in the future, those seats in the front of the aircraft could be even more valuable. Some investors are trying to push JetBlue to add more seats on its aircraft so it can capture more revenue. JetBlue's A320s are now configured with 150 seats, but some have wondered if the airline could add 12 more. If it does so, JetBlue might steal pitch from the back of the plane, which would give the regular seats a whole lot less legroom.  That could make the more legroom seats a better value. 

"Looking at seat density is not off the table," Leddy said. "It's something that we continually look at."

Want more on JetBlue's seating conundrum? Brett Snyder -- better known as Cranky Flier - did a great analysis recently on his blog. He also touches on various other points, such as whether JetBlue will begin to charge for checked baggage.