Airbus and Delta announce new roomier overhead bins.

Airbus has come up with a way for Delta Air Lines customer to pack even more bags on narrow body jets.

Delta is the launch customer for a product Airbus calls the pivot bin. The bin will use a different mechanism than the current models. But really, the important part is that customers should be able to shift their bags in a different direction. As you can see, that's where the added capacity really comes from.


Delta customers will start seeing the bins on brand new Airbus 321s, which are due to start arriving in first quarter 2016. Boeing produces a similar product that Alaska Airlines will introduce in a few years.

Airbus executives told me they are seeking other customers. My guess is that other airlines will jump on board. What do you think? 

Here's what Airbus says in a release: 

Addressing today’s passenger expectations for more carry-on baggage, not only do these new overhead bins offer 10 percent increased volume over current A320 bins, but the efficient A320 cross-section also allows increased capacity for up to 60 percent more luggage in practice.