Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza with the quote of the day.

Spirit Airlines is the most profitable airline in America. What's the secret? Well I flew them recently to Las Vegas -- I plan to compile a report on that experience soon -- and I just got the idea. Essentially, everything on the aircraft is for sale. You pay a base fare, and it gets you only one thing -- a seat. (Or more specifically a seat that does not recline with almost no leg room.)

Spirit is now so profitable that it has a bonafide competitor. Denver-based Frontier Airlines has copied Spirit, moving earlier this year to what's called an 'ultra low cost' model.

In an interview, I asked Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza if Frontier is a worthy competitor. He said it is not. "You could put me in a Colin Kapernick uniform, but I couldn't play like him," Baldanza said.

For my readers not familiar with US sports, Kapernick is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.