American Airlines and US Airways will drop fares from Orbitz

American Airlines and US Airways have pulled their fares from, American Airlines Group announced Tuesday in a short press release.

American's fares are off immediately. US Airways fares will fall off on Sept 1.  Corporate clients that use the business Orbitz program will not be impacted. 

If you bought a ticket on Orbitz, it is still valid. But American says you'll have to make any changes through it, not Orbitz. 

“We have worked tirelessly with Orbitz to reach a deal with the economics that allow us to keep costs low and compete with low-cost carriers,” Scott Kirby, president of American, said in a statement. “While our fares are no longer on Orbitz, there are a multitude of other options available for our customers, including brick and mortar agencies, online travel agencies, and our own websites.”

The two companies had a similar dispute in 2013, which you can read about here.