A trip to an airline collectibles show

Some collect only barf bags. Others prefer historic timetables. Some like mini booze bottles.

A few weeks ago, I attended my first airline collectibles show, the annual Airliners International Expo, held this year at the Sheraton Gateway near Los Angeles International Airport. I have been covering airlines for a couple of years now, and I know how passionate people get with this stuff, but even I was surprised by quality of individual collections. Is there anything people don't collect?

I wrote a story for L.A. Weekly about the show, so you can find my full take there. I may have been a tad harsh on the attendees, who I called "a bit socially awkward." Perhaps not my best phrase, especially as everyone was friendly to me. 

Here's the first bit of the L.A. Weekly piece:

For three days last week, Brian Barron sat awkwardly behind a small table in a hotel ballroom near Los Angeles International Airport, half-heartedly trying to sell a 3-foot high, 50-pound logo that once hung on the wall at the airline call center he manages. A sticker advertised the price in tiny print: “$200, or best offer.”

Barron, 44, appeared a bit disheveled in a purple t-shirt featuring the name and logo of his employer, which he asked not be named, lest anyone ask about the logo’s provenance. But he was pretty sure his bosses wouldn’t mind. “I mean, they were throwing it away,” he said. “It’s not like I stole it.

Do you have any great airline ephemera? Was the best piece in your collection?