JetBlue to give all flight attendants iPad Minis

Don't be surprised if, by this time next year, your JetBlue flight attendant knows exactly what type of booze you plan to order.

The airline announced on Thursday that it plans to give iPad Minis to all of its flight attendants by April 2015. The iPads will help flight attendants coordinate their schedules, and will give them an easy way to check passenger manifests. But it might do more. 

According to a release, "the airline can potentially provide [flight attendants] with limited access to customers' JetBlue flight and onboard purchase history in an effort to personalize the onboard experience for better customer relationship management. That sounds a little big brother-esque, no?

"It's clear the connected cabin is the next big thing, and with the introduction of iPad minis, our inflight crewmembers will be able to know more about our customers onboard and will have a better sense of real time opportunities and challenges on the ground as we look for ways to enhance our customers' experience with that information," Jetblue executive Joanna Geraghty said in a statement. "With this new tool, the possibilities are endless."

What do you think of this possible development? A good idea?