Did you overpay for an Uber to San Francisco International Airport?

Has Uber been ripping off customers at San Francisco International Airport?

Two recent lawsuits make the allegation. The first filed last week by an Uber rider got less press attention, but plaintiff Vamsi Tadepalli clearly identified the problem, according to Courthouse News Service. He noted Uber charged him $4 as an "airport toll fee" on July 23. At that point, however, Uber wasn't actually paying any fees to SFO. So presumably, the $4 was pure profit for the company. And even when SFO did eventually assess a fee, it was only for $3.85. Even then, Uber was making a slight profit. 

Today's news was bigger. The district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco jointly filed suit in state court against Uber, accusing it of several deceptive practices. The suit has many claims, but one of them accuses Uber of "charging a misleading $4 'airport toll fee' to customers of its UberX service who travel to San Francisco International Airport." 

I don't know how these suits will end, or what Uber's future will be. But I would bet that if you have paid the $4 SFO airport fee, you'll get your money back. It just may take some time.