The 'Kogi Truck' is opening at LAX. And you should go.

If you're flying American Airlines from LAX, or if you have a long layover, I have a recommendation. Please eat at Kogi. 

Yes, it's not 2009 anymore. That's when Kogi essentially started the modern food truck craze by serving Korean-flavored tacos from a truck roaming Los Angeles. Now Kogi is a brand, and food trucks are everywhere. But Kogi still makes a darn good taco. 

Apparently, the company also has a sense of humor because, rather than open a typical food stall at LAX Terminal 4, it built a taco truck. You can see some pictures in chef/owner Roy Choi's tweets.

Incidentally, LAX has made some progress in recent weeks. You can now walk, inside security, from Terminal 8 all the way to Terminal 4. That means that if you're flying United, Delta, Alaska, American or US Airways, you can access the Kogi truck.