Photos: How KLM turned a MD-11 into an Airbnb worthy apartment

 KLM turned a MD-11 into an apartment. Photos: KLM. 

KLM turned a MD-11 into an apartment. Photos: KLM. 

In case you haven't seen it, KLM recently welcomed its first guests aboard a recently retired MD-11 airplane. An Italian couple - Cristina and Tomasso - had won a contest on Airbnb, the home and apartment sharing website. 

This was more a marketing campaign for KLM and Airbnb than anything else. Sadly, you cannot just book the apartment, as you usually do on Airbnb. You had to win the contest. But that doesn't make the plane apartment any less cool.

KLM really got into the act for the Italian couple's vist, according to a blog post on the airline's website. "A KLM stewardess welcomed them and with a fully filled fridge, freshly brewed espresso it was going to be a very special stay," the post reads. 


According to KLM, 10,204 people entered into the contest to try to spend a night on the airplane. Two others also won and got a chance to try out the MD-11 for a night.