Delta may lose right to fly from Seattle to Tokyo Haneda

Delta could lose its right to fly between Seattle and Tokyo Haneda, the U.S. Department of Transportation ruled this week. 

Loyal readers may recall my Nov. 13 post highlighting the issues in the case. Delta has the authority to fly from Seattle to Haneda, but it's not really using it, planning to fly the route only 17 times during a six month period. Delta has suggested it is following regulations, but Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines have called on the DOT to reopen the bidding for this Haneda slot. If you're wondering why this single route authority is so coveted, it's because the Japanese government tightly controls how many international airlines fly into this airport, which is considerably closer to downtown than Tokyo Narita airport. 

In a filing this week, the DOT suggested it is at least considering removing Delta's authority. Unfortunately, to read my analysis on the DOT order, you'll have to read Aviation Week, where I'm a staff editor. But the DOT decision is a public document, so I thought I'd embed it here.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, take a look. And let me know if you see anything juicy.