TSA catches Long Beach Airport passenger with fake ID

Drivers License.jpg

A JetBlue passenger at Long Beach Airport was busted this week for giving TSA officers a fake drivers license before he tried to board a flight to Las Vegas, according to a law enforcement source. 

The TSA screener put the ID under an ultraviolet light and noticed that the identification lacked any security features, the source said. The screener also noticed that the man pictured on the identification did not look like the man who was flying to Las Vegas, according to the source.

Asked his birthdate, the man responded with his real birthday, not the one listed on the drivers license, the law enforcement official said. My source told me the man told authorities he did not have a drivers license, but still wanted to fly to Las Vegas. 

I found a record of the arrest on the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department website. But I don't think it serves much propose to name the man here. I'll just say he was arrested on Dec. 9  at 1 p.m. by the Long Beach Police Department. He was charged with a felony and held on $20,000 bail.