Southwest travelers at LAX can now register for TSA Precheck at Terminal 1

Southwest Airlines fliers at LAX can now apply for TSA precheck at the airport's Terminal 1. 

You know the drill. The TSA takes your fingerprints. They ask for some personal information. You pay them an $85 fee. They conduct a background check. 

And assuming you pass, you get to go through airport security like it's 1999. You can keep your shoes on. You don't have to remove your belt. Liquids, albeit ones in approved containers, can stay inside their baggies. Laptops can also stay in their cases. Lines usually move much faster.

The TSA is proud of its system. Most travelers, including this blogger, like it. Others, especially those who have had precheck since the beginning, say the process is no longer as efficient as it once was and that lines have gotten longer. 

The TSA precheck facility at Southwest's Terminal 1 is already open. 

Walk-ins are accepted, though the TSA recommends travelers preregister on its website.