Eastern Air Lines is back. Well, sort of. See the photograph.

Eastern Air Lines is back. 

Yes, the "Wings of Man" airline is making a triumphant return. At least that's what its financial backers say.  They bought the airline's intellectual property in the hopes of starting a new airline with an old name and logo. 

We still have no idea whether the new Eastern Airlines will get all the approvals it needs to fly its first revenue flight. It's not an easy process. 

What we do know, however, is that Eastern has painted its first aircraft, a Boeing 737-800. As you can see in the photograph, Eastern has called the airplane, "The Spirit of Eddie Rickenbacker."  As you may have guessed, he was the former Eastern chairman and a decorated World War I pilot. An iconic fellow, as I understand. Before my time. 

What do you think? Nice paint job, right?

But will this airline ever fly?