VIDEO: Watch a Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 pilot land in Shanghai

What does it take to land an MD-11 filed with cargo? 

I have no experience as a pilot, so I can't be of much help here. But luckily, we have Felix Gottwald, an MD-11 pilot for Lufthansa Cargo. Felix is something of a new media star, with his own blog and even his own aviation calendar -- yours for about 24 euros.  ("Only MD-11 calendar in the world featuring 12 stunning images of the last commercial tri-holer in service. Wide range of airlines and many different motives!")

I recently came across his YouTube page. If you like inside the cockpit videos, it's a great resource, though I could probably do without the music. The tunes he chooses appear to depend on which country he is landing in.

Here, we watch Gottwald approach runway 35L of Shanghai Pudong Airport in HD.