Video: Creator of "Pan Am Experience" talks about his newest venture.

Anthony Toth built a perfect model of a Pan Am Boeing 747 because he loved flying on the airplane as a child and missed it so much that he wanted to recreate it. 

If you've been following me for a couple of years, you know how much I like Toth. For 30 years, he collected Pan Am stuff -- seats, overhead bins, side panels, cocktail napkins, silverware and china -- in the hopes that some day he could create the perfect model airplane. 

I suspected he had reached perfection two years ago. In a Los Angeles-area warehouse, with a contractor's help, he built a replica of a big chunk of a Pan Am 747 -- a first class section, a premium economy cabin called Clipper Class, and an upper deck lounge. 

But Toth realized he could do more. Over the summer, he moved his model airplane to Air Hollywood, which specializes in movie and television airplane sets for entertainment shoots. Air Hollywood is helping him improve and monetize the operation, in part by hosting dinner parties that cost more than $300 per ticket.  I attended one last week, and you can read all about it in my "Pan Am Experience" post. 

In this video, I asked Anthony what was required to move the model 45 miles. In case you're confused, he refers a couple of times to Talaat, who is Talaat Captan, founder of Air Hollywood. 

Spoiler alert: In the video, Toth talks about the possibility of building another model airplane, perhaps a Boeing 707. Should he do it?