Video: A swan on the loose at London Heathrow

What happens when a swan goes onto an airport ramp?

At London Heathrow last week, someone had to chase it.  For this footage, we can thank Dantorp Aviation, which shot the video on Nov. 3. Amusing, right?

Incidentally, you're probably familiar with the story of the dog that went missing last week at Los Angeles International Airport. According to the owner, who has been featured on just about every television news program in the U.S, Delta lost his dog before a flight to Tampa. The owner blames the airline. 

What seems most likely is that the dog chewed through the crate and escaped. If that's true, it's at least possible the dog is still roaming LAX.  I spoke this week with LAX airport police Sgt. Karla Ortiz, who explained that LAX has a group of roving operations experts just like London Heathrow.

"We have an operations department," Ortiz said.  "Their job is to look at the whole airfield multiple times per day looking for things like a dog or debris or anything that shouldn't be on that airfield."