KLM's MD-11s make their final passenger flights - for real this time

Let's credit another airline for really milking an aircraft retirement. 

This week it's KLM, which last month made a big deal when it operated the last ever scheduled MD-11 passenger flight. But KLM, always an airline that markets itself well, gave the old birds one final victory lap. 

On Nov. 11, it operated three special MD-11 flights for airline enthusiasts. According to an airline statement, tickets sold out, "within minutes."

"The partnership between Douglas and KLM lasted more than 80 years, which is unique," KLM said in a statement. "Since 1934, KLM is the only airline in the world to have operated every series-built aircraft type manufactured by Douglas, from DC2 to DC10."

From the looks out of it, passengers had a great time. You can see they even used markers to write messages all over the cabin.