American will fly between LAX and Atlanta... And other aviation news

Some news of the morning ... 

 American Airlines will fly between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Photo: American. 

American Airlines will fly between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Photo: American. 

News: American will fly three times per day between Los Angeles and Atlanta with Boeing 737-800 aircraft beginning next year, according to a release. 

Why it matters: Delta is Atlanta territory, and other airlines don't usually expand there. This is unusual, but it means American is taking Los Angeles seriously. American's move may also be a competitive response to a recent Delta decision to fly between Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth. Dallas is a giant hub for American.

News: In Los Angeles, the family of a slain TSA agent sued the city of Los Angeles in state court.

Why it matters: This was expected, but it still puts Los Angeles at risk of a large judgment against it. Here's how the Associated Press describes the suit: "The liability suit, filed Tuesday in Superior Court, alleges that security lapses and delayed medical care contributed to Gerardo Hernandez's death."

News: The TSA is having trouble getting travelers to sign up for TSA Precheck, the Wall Street Journal reports. "TSA has established its own sign-up centers at airports around the country, but hasn’t been able to expand much beyond hard-core frequent travelers," the WSJ writes.

Why it matters: If people don't sign up, then TSA will need to continue routing travelers who are not in Precheck into the expedited lanes. “'I’ve got to have people in those lanes. Otherwise, officers just stand there and fuel the perceptions' of TSA as a bloated bureaucracy,' TSA Administrator John Pistole told the Journal. The problem now is that non members slow down the pace of the lanes, angering frequent travelers. 

News: Local news reports that 174 sheep died on Singapore Airlines cargo flight from Perth, Australia to Singapore. 

Why it matters: Not surprisingly, animal rights groups are upset. But the CEO for the Australian Livestock Exporters' Council said deaths on flights leaving Australia are rare. "Between 2008 and 2013 ... the total number of exports was around 1.2 million animals and of that we had 340 mortalities, so air freight is a method of transport where we see very low numbers of mortality," she was quoted as saying.