LAX News: US Airways will move to Terminal 6, closer to American Airlines

After I reported yesterday that US Airways will switch to Terminal 6 at LAX next month, a reader sent me a little more information on the move. 

As you can see below, employees have been told US Airways will leave Terminal 3 on Nov. 6. That move will put US Airways much closer to merger partner American Airlines, which operates from terminal 4. 

Here's how operations will change in November, according to the employee newsletter:

  • US Airways will have four gates in Terminal 6 that had been occupied by United.
  • US Airways will initially operate 21 daily flights from those four gates
  • Merger partner American Airlines eventually will also operate flights from Terminal 6. 
  • American will operate shuttle service between Terminal 4 and Terminal 6. 
  • Passengers can also walk between terminals 4 and 6. Part of that walk will be in a just-opened underground tunnel. 
  • American estimates the walk is 1,756 feet and will take 6 minutes, 30 seconds. 
  • American is planning "terminal beautification" in 2016. So that'll be nice.