Airfares rise in Atlanta and Chicago, but fall in Hartford and Portland, data shows

 As the Air Tran brand has disappeared from Atlanta's airport, the average fare there has risen. Photo: Corey Seeman/Flickr, via Creative Commons.

As the Air Tran brand has disappeared from Atlanta's airport, the average fare there has risen. Photo: Corey Seeman/Flickr, via Creative Commons.

Do you live in Hartford, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis or Boston?

If so, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics says your average airfare has gone down slightly on an inflation-adjusted basis during the past year. 

As you can see in the rudimentary table below, the average fare in Hartford fell 5.5 percent between the second quarter of 2013 and the second quarter of 2014. If you go  back to 2000, you'll see Hartford's average fare has fallen 13.7% in the past 14 years.

Keep in mind all of the fares on the government chart below have been adjusted for inflation and are listed in 2014 dollars. 

What airports saw the highest overall fare increases over the past year?

As you can see at the bottom of the chart, you're paying considerably more for your tickets if you fly out of Atlanta, Chicago Midway, Baltimore, New York LaGuardia and St. Louis.

Travelers in Atlanta paid an average fare of $435.34 in the second quarter of 2015. That's 11.3 percent higher than in the same period last year. 

Why might that be?

As you know, Air Tran Airways, which operated a hub in Atlanta,  was purchased by Southwest Airlines in 2010. The Air Tran brand is disappearing at year end, and Southwest has been shrinking slightly in Atlanta. Since Delta no longer must worry about Air Tran, it can raise its fares at its hometown airport.

But the news isn't all bad for Delta fliers, as Minneapolis and Seattle are both also Delta hubs.

MarketAvg. Fare 2Q '00Avg. Fare 2Q '11Avg. Fare 2Q '12Avg. Fare 2Q '13Avg. Fare 2Q '14Percent Change 2000-2014Percent Change 2013-14
Hartford, CT462.66412.3438.35422.28399.23-13.7-5.5
Portland, OR422.18399.95395.01375.15362.4-14.2-3.4
Seattle, WA461.2390.63406.73389.33382.12-17.1-1.9
Minneapolis, MN547.58428.66466.18445.93437.66-20.1-1.9
Boston, MA555.91382.14397.68383.47379.58-31.7-1
Oakland, CA331327.81316.5312.32310.83-6.1-0.5
San Jose, CA424.22355.77365.11351.11351.55-17.10.1
Austin, TX477.9392.61406.08392.96393.92-17.60.2
San Francisco, CA624.61439.14442.07438.28440.6-29.50.5
Santa Ana, CA507.35385.17390.86386.63389.44-23.20.7
Houston Bush, TX570.23499.19537.46502.49506.86-11.10.9
Milwaukee, WI503.28326.37340.33358.96362.25-280.9
Washington Dulles600.77501.47523.7489.75495.63-17.51.2
Newark, NJ621.82495.56498.82484.47491.42-211.4
Raleigh/Durham, NC419.7363.84386.17379.99386.07-81.6
Salt Lake City, UT404.94397.23424.64408.56416.232.81.9
Sacramento, CA370.91376.06379.82385.25392.745.91.9
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX606.19437.92467.13425.46434.12-28.42
Cleveland, OH471.36452.21472.46455.75465.09-1.32
Denver, CO611.58335.54338.7330.43337.73-44.82.2
New York JFK, NY635.99419.04421.11406.55416.11-34.62.4
Pittsburgh, PA577.87358.34392.32397.51407.2-29.52.4
Dallas Love, TX241.18301.44302.51296.83304.226.12.5
San Antonio, TX415.5376.42398.71397.53407.85-1.82.6
New Orleans, LA374.58362.94384.66361.02371.45-0.82.9
Buffalo, NY411.11342.37341.47319.44328.83-202.9
Tampa, FL387.84327.17342.22325.46335.6-13.53.1
Fort Myers, FL418.62300.89335.63319.56329.77-21.23.2
Los Angeles, CA491.87421.48434.1417.11430.67-12.43.3
Indianapolis, IN427.91388.19405.67403.44416.73-2.63.3
Detroit, MI454.82406.63430.56422.48436.69-43.4
Phoenix, AZ373.64344.95355.3354.05367.88-1.53.9
Nashville, TN405.17385.61392.42376.11390.65-3.63.9
Kansas City, MO390.44353.66375.27372.66387.72-0.74
San Diego, CA416.28377.68388.02369.37385.95-7.34.5
Houston Hobby, TX302.93332.93343.22343.63358.9718.54.5
Las Vegas, NV311.46300.45291.98262.33274.28-11.94.6
Columbus, OH424.69372.93392.2398.32417.34-1.74.8
Philadelphia, PA583.06410.46428.36414.06434.63-25.55
Charlotte, NC671.81416.22423.91413.98436.45-355.4
Chicago O'Hare, IL562.31403.5407.37396.97420.1-25.35.8
Washington Reagan National487.58408.04408.78374.85399.02-18.26.4
Orlando, FL392.77295.42292.7289.91309.31-21.26.7
Fort Lauderdale, FL359.22281.27286.71280.55299.86-16.56.9
Miami, FL506.61373.36383.97376.69404.17-20.27.3
St. Louis, MO477.64361.61382.95362.75389.71-18.47.4
New York La Guardia, NY506.24374.5379.87369.99398.17-21.37.6
Baltimore, MD392.35353348.25321.96346.62-11.77.7
Chicago Midway, IL299.65324.52315.76311.16337.9412.88.6
Atlanta, GA452.41396.81380.7390.98435.34-3.811.3