Ethiopian Airlines will connect Los Angeles with Dublin, Ireland

I have good news for my fellow Los Angeles-area residents. We'll be getting a nonstop flights to Dublin, Ireland -- the only such route at Los Angeles International Airport. 

The airline? It's Ethiopian Airlines, the largest airline in Africa, which will assign a Boeing 787-8 to the route. Service will begin in June 2015 and will be offered three times per week. Technically the Dublin piece is only a stopover -- the aircraft will actually fly Addis Ababa to Dublin to Los Angeles.

Part of the appeal of the Boeing 787 was that it would make stopovers like this obsolete. But the aircraft does not quite have the range to fly from Addis Ababa to Los Angeles. One major issue is the elevation of Addis Ababa's airport. It's more than 7,600 feet above sea level. At that altitude, especially on warm days, an aircraft's performance is affected. 

According to Routes Online, Los Angeles has been without a direct link to Dublin since 2008, when Aer Lingus pulled out.