10 airline-themed holiday gift ideas for the Aviation Geek in your family


Need a holiday gift for the Aviation Geek in your family?

Most of the largest U.S. airlines have an on-line shop filled with more gift ideas than I would expect. Some of them even have special sections for "retro" gear, such as T-shirts with the old United "tulip" logo designed by Saul Bass. And in many cases, prices are reasonable.

Here are some gift-giving ideas. 

1. Delta Air Lines T-Shirt With A Tweak at the Airline's Rivals. $5 on Delta's website. Or 100 Delta sugar cookies for $265. 

3. American Airlines infant bib, $12.99 and a American Airlines adult T-Shirt $18.99. Both from the C.R. Smith Museum store. 

4. Alaska Airlines kid pilot hat, $7.50. Or Alaska Airlines adult Boeing 737 T-shirt, $12. Both at the Alaska Company Store. 

What do you think of these gift ideas? Are you considering buying any of them?

And did I leave any good ideas off of this list?